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About Me

I’m a Madrid based Senior Product Designer with a strong multidisciplinary background: starting with graphic design, videogame art, and later specializing in user centered design and interactive media, product and project design management and those last times studing and writing papers about neurodesign.

-Hight creativity, imagination and storytelling abilities,thinker with an open mind
-Great empathy and high ability to understand user problems.
- Able to design for system consistency with standards rather than creative expression.
-Interact and communicate effectively with co workers and stakeholders in a decisive and professional manner -Responsible, dependable, organized, hard working, team player, strong management abilities effective, communication, mentoring, quality assurance (revisions and critiques) and respect for others -I often share my knowledge in tech and design events, like T3chfest, codemotion ...

call me: (+34) 687-76-78-86

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Bankinter Portugal

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Fundación Innovación Bankinter

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Firefox OS

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Tu Go

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Electronic Reader

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What I do?
Mixing this disciplines makes me a fullStack designer with a lot of talent :)

UX Design
A human-first way of designing products.

UX design is about shaping the experience of using a product. Involves user research, creating user personas , performing user testing and usability testing, etc.

UI Design
Pixel perfect as a way of designing.

UI Design is a process of visually guiding the user through a product’s interface via interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms.

Interaction design
Giving Life to Ideas.

the design of the interaction between users and products. Creating products that enable the user to achieve their objectives in the best way possible.

Front-end Development
The importance of code awareness.

The borders between design and front-end development were always thin. And It's very important to know how the things work before thinking a usefull product.