Fundación Innovación BankinterUX lead, UX, UI, IxD

The “Fundación Innovación Bankinter” wants to promote the creation of sustainable wealth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

They select experts and future actuality topics to publish the results of the experts' opinions. They also organize conferences with these experts let them explaining their points of view.

When I was part of the UX team in Bankinter they asked us to renew their website.

The old one had an old a non-responsive CMS which gave them a lot of problems to create new content or events. Also, they wanted to give the website a useful life, a place where the people created stories and add value to the conferences they organize and publish.

To achieve the success of this project I try to do my best, as always and to follow the basic design principles, that in some cases apply to the UX. 

I focused the interaction and the visual design in an easy digest way. Our brain shouldn’t have to expend a ton of energy to figure out what the heck it’s looking at. With any luck, people will just “get it” without needing a 6-section explanation. Using a wall similar to the facebook one to improve the storytelling of the data this site is using the familiarity principle.

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