TU Go is an app that lets users bring their mobile number to tablets and laptops, so you can make calls or send and receive texts from other devices using your existing number. Essentially it frees you from your phone giving you increased flexibility and potentially proving invaluable should your phones battery die.
The user sign in to TU Go using a wifi connection to get calls, texts and voicemail on up to ten devices.
TU Go also supports video calling and group messaging. To use video calling, start a voice call from TU Go. Once the call starts, an icon for video will appear. Tap this to upgrade the call to video. To start a group message, simply tap the group icon to add contacts. Non-TU Go contacts will receive a text invite with a link to join the conversation.
As part of the Telefonica Digital Team I worked on the android, PC and iOs versions of the app. Firts defining the interactions and AI of the application, and then apply the TU Go brand guidelines to create the visual design. In the early versions, we created a unique style for all applications, but after user testing and for performance reasons, we developed all designs to native OS elements.
That meant changing a lot of interaction design too, but in an agile environment, we did it in one sprint.
Creating the PC application was a challenge for me. I had never faced a desktop application, and although the part of defining the interaction was clear, I had to work side-by-side with the development team to understand the technical limitations we could encounter.